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Letters / Viking doing their utmost to keep the public out

On 14 March Shetland News published an advertising feature paid for by SSE Renewables (‘Walking the wilds around the wind farm works’).

“The Viking team is keen that undisturbed areas are kept open to access’, we are told.

This is simply not true. The Viking team did their utmost to keep the public as far away from the work sites as they could by posting these signs all over the area:

Photo: Shetland News

As can be seen on the map, they tried to cordon off a significant part of the central mainland to members of the public.

It was only after a public outcry and an intervention by the SIC that the signs were replaced by less restrictive ones.

Why anyone would want to “stretch those lockdown legs” in the diesel fumes of trucks, diggers and cranes ripping up the landscape is another matter entirely.

Ernie Ramaker
Save Shetland