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Letters / Time to demand more say?

A ‘virtual summit’ is set to take place early next month aimed at starting the process of community engagement on the idea of self-determination.

Virtual event to explore self-determination in island context

Just seen this interesting headline and wonder if I’m alone in thinking that this needs watching carefully should the Scottish Government take this seriously.

I could get quite alarmed at this given the SIC’s increasing inability to take the community along with it on major decisions that affect us all.

It can be argued that the elected members during the early 70s did a pretty good job of negotiating with the oil barons and setting up the Charitable Trust, but it’s been going down hill since and it’s ability in taking the community along with it in recent years, is bad enough to sound alarm bells now they chatter about more powers.

The damage that can be done in the relatively short time between elections means we cannot trust our local or national politicians to respect the spirit of democracy, so perhaps it’s now time to set up a grass roots organisation to monitor them and demand more say in how they arrive at decisions that may not be in the best interests of their electors? Just a thought!

Vic Thomas