Energy / SIC creates webpage with information on wind farm and interconnector projects

Photo: Steven Christie

SHETLAND Islands Council has created a new webpage to give people more information on the local authority’s role in the Viking Energy wind farm, as well as the environmental monitoring in place during construction.

There are also contact details provided for anyone wishing to raise concerns during the construction phase.


Preparatory construction work for the wind farm and associated electricity converter station at Upper Kergord has been kept under close scrutiny by members of the public in recent months.

Sediment run-off from construction of a new Sandwater road for instance was found in the nearby loch after heavy rain fall, prompting concern over the mitigation measures in place.

Director of the council’s development service Neil Grant said: “Given the scale of the developments around the interconnector and Viking windfarm, it’s not surprising that the public are keen to get as much information as they can, and find contact details for the appropriate bodies to allow them to ask questions and raise issues.

“With that in mind, we’ve created a webpage to explain the council’s role, as well as that of the developers and contractors, and to highlight their relevant responsibilities.

“We’ve also included a list of useful contact phone numbers and email addresses.”

The SIC webpage on the wind farm and interconnector projects can be found here.