Letters / Apology for using the wrong e-mail address

I recently posted a letter here, last week in fact, which I really have never done before, but sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone on certain issues.

Poor show from our councillors and MSP

It has now been highlighted to myself that I chose a dead end address for our MSP, Beatrice Wishart. This happened whilst looking at our MP Mr Carmichael’s official page for his email address, and I found what I thought was also the e-mail address for Wishart a few rows down below, good, I thought, I don’t have to dig that one out too.


As a result, I gave her no chance to respond, as she did not receive my email. This I apologise unreservedly for. Maybe they should all do some due diligence on their websites though, so that they’re actually all on the same page, so to speak?


But, saying the above, it has moved a few folk to respond to my e-mails, both councillors and MSP/MP alike that hadn’t, as I have had three more replies because of what I’d call “bad press”, and I thank them for their replies and thoughts in response to my e-mail.

All of this does not detract from the wider issue though of the subject of my e-mail and elected officials thoughts on the subject. The wind farm! It almost seems like a heavy burden on your shoulders even saying those words.

I read somewhere recently, I don’t recall who said it, but it actually went along with my ideals of what would actually be better practice for Shetland, and a belief I’ve had for a long while now.


Quite simply, I am off the belief that localized energy hubs, like small scale, community based wind farm/renewables are far better suited for what are actually Shetland’s energy needs, and are generally economically and ecologically more beneficial.

These can be used as a localised district heating scheme, or energy hub, that can power and heat public buildings like schools, leisure centres, halls and maybe even homes which would help to pay back some of the costs. But the benefits to the public purse would be far more, and the buildings mentioned would be less of a drain.

Smaller scale really suits Shetland better, unlike what’s happening now, which is only designed to prop up balance sheets.

SSE were very keen to build this behemoth, even without CfD payments.

They’re a ‘utilities supplier’, which doesn’t make them sound like a big business, they sound like a necessity; which makes them sound less like a nasty, money hungry business. I suppose you can all make your own minds up on the issue, and I’m sure there will be many varied thoughts.

But, once again, I digress. It’s still a raw issue for so many on the islands and further afield.

I also, once again, apologise to MSP Beatrice Wishart for using the wrong e-mail address to contact her, and hope this letter goes some way to addressing my mistake.

But I hope they can get some correlation between their party’s websites so they all show the same info for their constituents.

Billy Johnson