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Letters / Please explain to the electorate

Dear councillors,

Can you please explain to the electorate, why in spite of repeated requests, there is still no financial bond in place for the Viking Energy wind farm, or timeframe for completion?

As a result of Save Shetland’s complaint to the Ombudsman, you were asked “….to provide an update on the progress in terms of agreeing the bond and a timescale for concluding any negotiations, given that they (SIC) do have the option to make use of the dispute resolution provisions if need be”.

This was to be provided within 20 working days of the letter, dated 14 June 2021. The response provided by the director of development services on behalf of the chief executive stated, “I can advise that negotiations with the developer are ongoing”.

The ombudsman again contacted the SIC on 6 August for a timeframe, as has our MSP, Beatrice Wishart, but it would appear that councillors and/or their delegated staff, consider themselves to fall outwith the accepted norms of behaviour expected and are not held to account or answerable to higher authority.

Given that the bond should have been in place prior to development commencing (now more than one year ago), surely it is only right and fair that councillors ensure that the above planning consent condition is complied with before their current term of office comes to an end.

Save Shetland
Ernie Ramaker (Wormadale)

Shetland News contacted Shetland Islands Council for a response, which can be found here.