Energy / Viking bond talks ongoing

An aerial view of the Scar Quilse compound - at the northern end of the Lang Kames - where concrete is currently being made. Photo: Viking Energy

NEGOTIATIONS over a decommissioning financial bond for the Viking Energy wind farm are still ongoing, according to the council.

It comes after campaign group Save Shetland wrote an open letter to councillors calling for clarity on the matter.

The bond would guarantee that sufficient funds are in place to decommission the wind farm and restore the site at the end of its life, which is currently scheduled to be 2049.


The value of the Viking Energy bond being discussed is understood to be in the region of £40 million.

Save Shetland has criticised that a bond was not in place prior to construction on the wind farm starting last year.

It wrote to the Scottish public ombudsman, which ultimately ruled that Shetland Islands Council acted in line with planning legislation.

However, it requested that the council provided an update on the financial bond and a timescale for a conclusion within 20 days.

This was back in June, and Save Shetland said while a brief update was provided no timeline has been given.

A spokesperson for Shetland Islands Council said on Wednesday: “Shetland Islands Council has taken advice from external advisors, and progress to conclude the decommissioning financial bond arrangement for the Viking Energy Windfarm is ongoing.

“Once agreed, the financial bond will be monitored and reviewed in accordance with the applicable planning conditions.”

The 103-turbine Viking Energy wind farm is expected to go live in 2024.