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Letters / Let’s get out and get on with it

Regarding Vic Thomas’ letter (Thanks for your vote – but it may be too late; SN, 1 September) I have always been of the belief that if a person can’t go to a pub before they are 18 they should also not be able to vote until they are the same age, even though I’m sure one or two of them might know what they are voting for.

I am very much against youngsters walking in marches with plaques when they have no idea what they are walking for just because their parents ask them to.

Another thing that has been annoying me is all these government officials in London and elsewhere who cannot accept that when everybody was given the choice whether we stayed in Europe or left, and the vote was to leave – which was a democratic vote with no going back – why are there still arguments about this?

I would rather leave with a deal but I don’t believe for one minute we will ever get it no matter how many times they try to delay, so let’s just get out and get on with it.

Michael Mackay