Letters / Thanks for your vote – but it may be too late

Thank you to all the folk in Shetland that voted for the Green Party in Thursday’s by-election to the Scottish Parliament.

This was our very first ever participation in any political election here in Shetland and we came fifth out of 10 candidates, beating three local independent candidates, UKIP and Scottish Labour, so a truly amazing result for our first outing.


To quote a young person I met in the Co-operative store a while ago who was advocating all young folk from the age of 15 should be allowed to vote on issues that will effect them in their very near future – “ if you don’t get up on the stage you won’t get a part in the movie”.

Now Shetland’s Scottish Green Party have a role in the movie “Saving The Earth Mothership”. We will now start to move up the leading players aided by three things.

  1. The growing realisation of the degradation of the Earth Mothership;
  2. The desperation of young folk who see their future being removed from them through lack of action to halt the greed, unfairness, pollution and raping of the Earth’s finite resources;
  3. The absolute pathetic action on climate change politics and lack of vision displayed by the worn out current political establishment who all sought your vote to maintain the clapped out political status quo that is the present state of UK politics. UK politics being driven by a tiny group of elite people more interested in their own pockets than the survival of the planet.

What is sad is the worse the climate gets and the more degradation of the planets life support systems, the more folk vote Green, but it may be too late then for us to fix things.

Vic Thomas