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Coronavirus / Vaccination clinic reopens
Coronavirus / Unvaccinated people will be ‘welcomed with open arms’ if they change their mind
Coronavirus / Health board announces dates for new vaccination clinics
Coronavirus / Health board aims to vaccinate up to 6,000 before ChristmasMeasures ‘precautionary’ as it is unclear what impact Omicron might have
Coronavirus / Booking Covid vaccination appointments online now available locally
Coronavirus / Covid numbers remain relatively low
Living Lerwick - Spend at da Street - Win with Local Loyalty
Health / Staff working ‘very hard’ to deliver flu vaccine programme
Coronavirus / Health board outlines next phase of Covid-19 vaccine rolloutA further 15,000 doses to be delivered in the coming weeks
Coronavirus / Health board urges people to use common sense as Covid restrictions endVaccination booster programme confirmed for the autumn
Coronavirus / Preparations underway to get 16 and 17 year olds vaccinated
Coronavirus / Walk-in Covid vaccine clinic taking place this afternoon
Coronavirus / Young folk urged to get vaccinated
Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022
Marine / Lerwick welcomes first cruise ship since early 2020
Coronavirus / People invited to take part in Covid vaccination survey
Coronavirus / Nearly 90 per cent of islanders have had first Covid vaccine dose
Coronavirus / Covid vaccine programme moves to people in their 30sThose in their 20s will not have long to wait for an appointment either, health board says
Coronavirus / More than 1,000 Covid vaccines given out on Tuesday after supply boost
Coronavirus / Supply issues slow down vaccination rollout
Coronavirus / Lib Dems oppose move towards vaccination passports
Business / Cruise calls would be ‘highly regulated’ – if they go ahead
Coronavirus / Health board may have to adjust vaccine rollout if supply slows down
Coronavirus / Another vaccination milestone reached
Coronavirus / Health board appeal to those eligible for vaccination who haven’t been contacted yet
Coronavirus / Health board confident over second doses despite supply issues delaying vaccination rollout
Coronavirus / Remote island communities get their vaccineMeeting also hears that one of the two Covid cases recorded in Shetland in the last month was a ‘false positive’
Coronavirus / Vaccination rollout to slow down as half the population has had first dose
Coronavirus / Shuttle bus to run to Gilbertson Park vaccination centre
Coronavirus / Vaccination rollout to slow down while capacity to vaccinate ramps upSecond mass vaccination centre to open this weekend
Coronavirus / Don’t contact us, we contact you – NHS vaccination team advises
Coronavirus / A seismic shift in vaccinologyAnnual Covid-19 vaccination booster might be the next step to protect against changing virus
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