Coronavirus / People invited to take part in Covid vaccination survey

Pharmacy technician Zandra Williamson with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Photo: NHS Shetland

PEOPLE in Shetland are being encouraged to take part in an anonymous survey about their experience of having the Covid vaccination.

It is hoped that the feedback will allow the vaccination team to note successes and see where improvements can be made.

The evaluation is being conducted by the Covid vaccination operational planning team, which has been responsible for the rollout.


Health protection practitioner Elsbeth Clark said the 10-minute survey was intended for those who have completed their Covid vaccination programme.

“It asks questions about your experience of arranging your vaccination appointment, receiving information on the vaccination, how it went when you had the vaccination and then also specific questions on future vaccination delivery,” she said.

Shetland’s Covid vaccination programme started in December when the Pfizer vaccine became available.

The isles’ remote location was initially a challenge for the health board as the vaccine had to be stored at -80C and was difficult to transport.


A month later the AstraZeneca vaccine became available, but the rollout has been impeded by reports that in rare cases it causes blood clots and subsequent changes to the groups this vaccine could be given to.

An added challenge for the health board has been the vaccination of communities living on remote isles where poor weather sometimes makes travelling impossible.

Government guidance on the vaccination rollout has also changed regularly as new information about the vaccines, the virus and the spread of the pandemic becomes available.

Regardless of the obstacles, Shetland has one of the highest vaccination rates in Scotland, with most adults now had their first dose.


“Our Covid vaccination programme has been the single biggest vaccination programme we have ever done,” Clark added.

“It also happened under difficult circumstances and at a time when we were still managing outbreaks of the virus. Nevertheless, we are very keen to understand how we could have done better and what we can improve on as we move forward.

“Some people have already provided feedback on the programme through care opinion which has been extremely useful, but we would still encourage them to complete the survey where a more detailed response can be given.”

The survey can be filled in here.

People are encouraged, as far as possible, to complete the online version, but paper copies are also available. To request a paper copy call 01595 743060 or email shet.information@nhs.scot.