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Coronavirus / ‘Number of people’ test positive for Covid after second vaccination – but no hospital admissions

NHS Shetland says there are a “number of people” in the isles who have tested positive for Covid several weeks after their second vaccination.

The health board said no-one in this situation has been admitted to hospital for Covid – perhaps showing the efficacy of the jabs.

A spokesperson for NHS Shetland’s public health team said: “There are certainly a number of people who have tested positive several weeks after their second vaccination.

“Locally this appears to be about 40 out of around 200 people who have tested positive this year according to our records which include Shetland residents who are south and non-Shetland residents who have been tested here.”

Most of these people have reported no symptoms – some have reported a mild cold, and a small number have had the more ‘classic’ Covid symptoms of a fever and cough, the health board said in a written response to queries from Shetland News.

The NHS Inform website says the coronavirus vaccine “can reduce your risk of developing coronavirus and make your symptoms milder if you do get it”.

The NHS says as there is a “chance you might still get or spread Covid-19 even if you have a vaccine”, it is important to still follow general advice around face coverings and hand hygiene.

Locally there has been a steep rise in the number of Covid cases in recent weeks. More than 80 have been recorded in July.

But the vaccination rate in Shetland is one of the highest in Scotland, with around 86 per cent of adults double vaccinated.

More than 93 per cent of people aged 18-plus have had a first dose.