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Shetland News has decided to publish the letter below because the last thing we want to be accused of is that we, the media, stifle debate and censor opposing views. Stuart Hill’s letter below will undoubtedly trigger some strong reactions, both opposing and in agreement. Please feel free to share your views on the pandemic by submitting a letter to letters@shetnews.co.uk

At the beginning of the pandemic (19 March 2020), the SAGE committee advised the UK Government “A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened” and “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.”

With the help of the media, the government, in common with governments around the world, embarked on a campaign of fear, intimidation and coercion to achieve the above desired results – results desired by all those who profited by the pandemic. Now eyes are beginning to open.


“We failed”. This was the headline in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet last week. The article started with this statement: “For almost two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronavirus figures.”

It speaks of “experts, politicians and authorities, who have constantly warned us about the dormant corona monster under our beds. A monster just waiting for us to fall asleep so it can strike in the gloom and darkness of the night.” (translated).

Last August, a major German newspaper, Bild, apologised that “We persuaded our children that they were going to murder their grandma if they dared to be what they are, children. Or if they met their friends. None of this has been scientifically proven.”

Seemingly the Covid narrative is not to be questioned, but is it not time we woke up to the fact that our governments have lied to us, and that the so-called pandemic was not what it was made out to be?


Are we to believe the constant mantra of the media, or will they start to at least be open to the idea that there might be another agenda at work – one that is not in our best interests?

It is the job of the fourth estate (the media) to question the government and make sure it does not overstep its authority, not to simply roll over and repeat what it is given.

Not only is it not to be questioned, dissenting voices must be quelled. The pejorative label ‘Antivaxxer’ is automatically applied to anybody questioning the official line.

Eminent doctors, scientists and other professionals have been silenced online and careers destroyed. Science should be enlivened and enriched by open debate, but ‘The Science of Covid’ cannot be questioned.


Without the media to spread the hype, nobody would have known there was a pandemic – it would not have existed. We would not be wearing masks, being afraid of close contact or enduring lockdowns, none of which has any scientific basis, but which have been used to engender fear and panic and caused untold economic damage. The hobgoblins could not have survived.

Here are a few facts easily verified online by anyone who can be bothered:

Starting with PCR tests. Back in December 2020, the British Medical Journal queried the validity of PCR and lateral flow tests.

Mass testing of people without Covid-19 symptoms is “not an accurate way of screening the general population”. The PCR test cannot detect live viruses. It can only detect two or three fragments of what might be a virus. A whole virus comprises about 30,000 of such fragments. What the PCR test detects could be fragments of a live virus, or it could be fragments of dead viruses from a previous cold or other illness. It cannot detect the presence of disease.


In America, the CDC has withdrawn the use of PCR tests under emergency use authorisation, recommending that physicians use an alternative test “that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses”, the implication being that the PCR test is unable to tell the difference between Covid and the flu. That would account for the fact that the flu virtually disappeared in 2021 – it seems to have been simply re-labelled as Covid and hyped accordingly.

The PCR test works by taking a tiny amount of something and multiplying it up until it becomes measurable. Each cycle of multiplication doubles the amount. It is generally agreed that any more than 35 cycles is meaningless. By the time you get to 40-45 cycles, the number used by health authorities in Shetland and elsewhere, the chances of a positive result being false are around 97per cent.


The inventor of the test, Kary Mullins said that the PCR test by itself cannot be used for diagnosis. NHS Shetland says “a single Ct (Cycle Threshold) value in the absence of clinical context is not relied upon to make a decision about infectivity”.

If ‘clinical context’ means symptoms, NHS Shetland agrees that the PCR test by itself is insufficient to make a case diagnosis, and yet positive PCR tests by themselves are routinely recorded in the official reports as ‘cases’.

On the vaccines, it appears that they do not prevent the illness, nor prevent transmission, so the claim that the vaccine was the way out of the pandemic has proved false.

There is discussion about whether the vaccines are a bioweapon, and this has now been shown to be likely because of research into the batch numbers, The vaccine has been shown to be different in various batches, five per cent of batches being associated with 90 per cent of adverse effects, including death.


We are entitled to expect that all doses are identical, but this exposes the existence of deliberate experimentation. Taking the vaccine is a form of Russian roulette.

One fact is irrefutable. Nobody knows their long-term effects. If we are to believe the narrative, the vaccines were developed in nine months. They were then rushed into production under the guise of an emergency.

By definition, no long-term tests could have been performed before needles were put into arms. It seems unconscionable to claim that a product is safe and effective when nobody knows the long-term effects. To then advise pregnant women and children to take it borders on the insane or even criminal.

In normal circumstances a vaccine trial would be stopped when 20 or so people die. These trials continue in the face of thousands of deaths and horrible side effects.

The government response to the virus has been far more damaging to the population than the virus could ever have been. The fact that all governments have followed the same basic path, which was different to their previously published pandemic response plans is evidence of conspiratorial action.

Israel, the most highly vaccinated country in the world, has carried out the first trial of the vaccine against Omicron. Omicron is the much more infectious, but far milder variant.

The conclusion of the trial is that the vaccine is not sufficiently effective against the variant and that more vaccinated people are being infected than non-vaccinated. This is the end of the road for vaccine passports and all attempts at prevention and mitigation. None of it makes any semblance of medical or scientific sense any more.


We simply have to trust that our natural immunity gives us far better protection than any artificial intervention by scientists trying to play God, a view echoed by the former head of the country’s vaccine taskforce “You can’t keep making endless antibodies!”

There is a lot more publicly available information out there, backed by reliable and official sources to show that we have been the victims of an experiment at the very least, of an attempt to enslave the world population at worst.

None of this is reported in the mainstream press. Anyone who attempts to expose it is vilified and censored. This is not the way society should run. It is time for journalists to do their job and report what is really happening and what is in front of their eyes.

Stuart Hill


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