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Also in the news / Quarff war memorial event, bishop advised to step down, day care concern and more…

The war memorial in Quarff.

A FUNDRAISING event for a new war memorial in Quarff is to be held on Sunday 3 October.

The event will take place at the Quarff Hall between 12pm and 4pm, with Sunday teas and a war memorial exhibition on offer.

Public access to the Second World War memorial was restricted last year due to safety reasons owing to the condition of the Quarff church.

Work is now progressing well to move the original plaque from its current location on the church wall and mount it onto a purpose built memorial positioned in the new part of the kirk yard.

A group overseeing the project will also mount an additional plaque onto the memorial to commemorate and record the fallen from the First World War.

Anyone with any pieces of memorabilia, artefacts or photographs which are of Quarff interest and relevant to either the First or Second World War is asked to get in touch with the group.

Chairman of the Quarff war memorial group Robbie McGregor can be contacted on 07807 473748 or 1950 477883.

A SCOTTISH Episcopal Church bishop whose patch includes Shetland has been recommended to step back from her role.

The recommendation came in a report which referred to accusations of bullying by Bishop Anne Dyer.

Rt Rev Anne Dyer (left) and Maggie Sandison.
Rt Rev Anne Dyer (left) with SIC chief executive Maggie Sandison on a visit to Shetland in 2018. Photo: Shetland News

The report concluded there was “systemic dysfunction” in the Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney, which includes Shetland.

The Scottish Episcopal Church said it was starting a mediation process.

Dyer was Scotland’s first female bishop and she made a visit to Shetland shortly after being appointed to her role in 2018.

CORONAVIRUS guidance around adult day care is continuing to be “extremely complex” – and is causing confusion for families, a meeting heard on Thursday.

The council’s chief social work officer Denise Morgan told a meeting of Shetland’s integration joint board that those accessing adult day care are assessed as highly vulnerable – meaning physical distancing requirements are in place.

This has reduced capacity within the adult day care buildings.

But Morgan said the council is looking at ways to carry out individual risk assessments to increase capacity whilst keeping people safe.

She said some families were finding it hard to grasp with the concept that they could go to the supermarket or go out for a meal yet were restricted when it came to vital services.

LOCAL authority association COSLA has called for honesty from Scottish Government about how a proposed national care service is going to be funded.

President Councillor Alison Evison said: “Is now really the time for another costly and protracted restructuring, when our communities need our support to recover from the impacts of the pandemic? Local Government’s view is the time is absolutely not now.

“The improvements and outcomes which are sought could be achieved across our communities more quickly and more effectively by empowering and investing in our councils and their local partners.”

AS THE music industry continues to reopen, Scottish duo Twelfth Day have confirmed a date at Mareel in Lerwick.

The group offer a “musically ground- breaking amalgam of chamber music, Scottish folk music, jazz-funk and electronica”, according to Shetland Arts.

Twelfth Day consist of Catriona Price and Esther Swift and they have drawn comparisons to acts like Hannah Peel, Stealing Sheep, Haiku Salut, Lisa Knapp and Bjork.

The pair will play Mareel on Wednesday 29 September, with tickets priced at £15.