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Housing / Housing planned for Moorfield Hotel site
Health / Brae Health Centre to see emergency patients only due to staffing issues
Education / Eight sites under consideration for potential new Brae school
Health / New GPs for Scalloway and Brae
Education / Council owned land the priority in new Brae school site selection
Education / Funding bid to be prepared for new Brae school after councillors back project
Living Lerwick - Spend at da Street - Win with Local Loyalty
Education / Building new school picked as preferred option for future of education in Brae
Emergency services / Exact cause of Moorfield Hotel fire remains unclearAn investigation into the blaze however pinpointed a Sky satellite box enclosure within a laundry store as the likely origin
Shetland Lives / From Brighton to Brae for rock musician who enjoyed chart success in 90s‘There’s been a lot of history of great music in Shetland, so if I could link that up with a bit of Brighton, that would be good fun’, guitarist and music educator Bruce Dickinson says after moving north
Business / Moorfield Hotel owner to sell site following fire
Community / Other villages could benefit from town centre funding, councillors suggest
Emergency services / Normal service resumes at Brae fire station after positive Covid test
Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022
Coronavirus / Brae fire brigade told to self-isolate after confirmed Covid-19 case
Community / Moorfield staff thank community for ‘incredible generosity’ after fire
Emergency services / Fire service hands over Moorfield site to police as investigations continueShetland fire chief Matt Mason said the fire had been “extremely challenging”
Community / Moorfield worker who lost belongings in fire says it was ‘heartbreaking’ to see hotel burn downAmong the items Malin Roberts lost in the Moorfield Hotel was an original photo from her grandparents’ wedding
Community / Brae foodbank to visit Mossbank
Community / Temporary foodbank to open in Brae
Council / Extra hour for hop night at Brae Hall
Community / Brae public toilets could re-open
Business / Business as usual as new owners take charge of Brae fish and chip shop
Police / Brae school targeted by vandals – again
Community rallies around family after tragic gas explosion
Updated Two injured as blast destroys house in Brae
Police / Police investigate damage to Brae school
Council / Brae hall Up Helly Aa licence extension on ice
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