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Moore backs drilling as protest goes on
New group aims to stop seal killing at fish farms
Second ministerial visit on Monday
Viking welcomes charging review
Greenpeace face up to local criticism
Greenpeace set for one month occupation
Business Gateway – Connect with your local business advisers
Skerries ready for another school war
Mary’s off to see the pope
Porpoise successfully released
Whale rescue being organised
Whale disappears as porpoise beaches itself
Trustees resist “kneejerk” reform
Bumper season for isles tourism
SIC slams plans for ferry cutbacks
Tavish demands transport minister’s head
Tunnel dream a nightmare for Whalsay
Halcrow to appeal Utnabrake refusal
Parents step up campaign to save school
Stuart’s new and fair society
Tug delivery delay
Relief crews could cut tug costs
Builder hospitalised after crane fall
Simon King safari
Hoofields housing scheme moves ahead
Petition to reinstate sailings to Norway
HIAL to find £4million in savings
Confusion over broadband speeds
Scalloway mother sues police
‘Stick ‘em on an island’
Salmon farm awarded damages after oil spill
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