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Letters / Hospital not fit for purpose?

The purpose of a hospital is to make sick people better and to stop them from passing away.

Describing the Gilbert Bain as not fit for purpose is a bit rich considering the councillor is better and has obviously not passed away.

Councillor ready to campaign for new hospital after seven-week stay in Gilbert Bain


The hospital might be small for the population it serves but I do take issue with politicians continuing to drone on about how it isn’t fit for purpose.

There is no point in building a new hospital until there are sufficient staff willing to live in Shetland, and with accommodation, to work there.

Perhaps prospective staff will be attracted by a new shiny hospital, but shouldn’t we fill all the dental and GP vacancies in Shetland first?

It is all well and good to aim high, but it is pointless without solid foundations
down below.

Ian Simmins