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Space / More rocket testing at Scatsta

All photos: HyImpulse

THESE striking photos show more rocket testing at Scatsta as space industry activity hots up in Shetland.

Staff of German rocket company HyImpulse were back at the North Mainland testing site in mid-May.

They carried out a full “wet-dress rehearsal” of its SR75 rocket.

“This includes a full test of the operations of the rocket prior to a launch campaign,” CEO Mario Kobald said.

“Some of the tests were that the pressurisation system was tested to its full design pressure, followed by verification tests for all system functions, as well as its emergency venting options.”

The team – which aims to make use of the SaxaVord Spaceport in Unst – also continued with a successful cryo filling test of the liquid oxygen tank in the rocket.

“Once filled and all systems operated normally, we successfully completed a first cold flow test of the rocket system on the ground,” Kobald added.

“During the whole campaign, we gathered a lot of data on the rocket system performance, electronics and data acquisition, and it was also an exercise and training for the whole team.”

He said the same tasks will also be undertaken for the “first launch of the rocket from SaxaVord Space Centre, which is planned for Q4 of this year”.

Another team continued the testing operations afterwards with two hot fire tests of a hybrid rocket motor.

HyImpulse first carried out rocket motor tests at the former Scatsta Airport site last year, hosted by the SaxaVord Spaceport team.

It has pioneered environmentally-friendly hybrid fuel technology which will be deployed in all launches.

Meanwhile the SaxaVord spaceport rocket launch site at Lamba Ness is currently being prepared for construction.

Once operational the spaceport will be used to launch satellites into space.