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Letters / Sour note

The first meeting of the new council is yet to take place and faced with a new promising era of change what are we to expect?

To date we see acrimonious comments on the infamous Facebook. We are experiencing leaked information, yet again?

Macdonald and Thomson keen on SIC leader role

To be fair, Cllr Thomson traded via a limited company, a separate legal entity, and does not personally owe anyone in a personal capacity. However, public interpretation might be different. The company of which he was a director left a sour note with businesses in Shetland.

Perhaps, the Shetland electorate will learn to thoroughly investigate its councillors and their claims before they vote again.

Cost of living solutions and fixed links are their drivers. Assess their achievements over the next term. If they fail, then please consign them to the political wilderness.

Alan Macdonald
North Roe