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Community / Local Women’s Aid branch set for rebrand

SHETLAND Women’s Aid is preparing to launch a rebrand of its service next week.

The in-demand service will unveil its new identity at an informal event in the Lerwick flower park pavilion on Tuesday (8 March) between 10am and 1pm.

People are invited to come along to meet the team, with hot drinks and homebakes on offer.

Tuesday happens to be International Women’s Day, which as a global event celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women whilst calling for equality.

Shetland Women’s Aid manager Laura Stronach.

Shetland Women’s Aid is the lead service in the isles working towards the prevention of domestic abuse.

The charity offers counselling, advice and support to women, young people and children.

Service manager Laura Stronach said the team was delighted to launch its new brand identity.

It also comes after local sexual violence charity Shetland Rape Crisis rebranded as the Compass Centre.

“International Women’s Day 22’s theme is Break the Bias,” Stronach said.

“Shetland Women’s Aid work hard to bring awareness to the gendered analysis of domestic abuse and the prevalence of violence against women and girls.

“Women’s inequality is the root cause of domestic abuse and violence against women and children. We must fight to break the bias and bring a fresh understanding in our community of this shadow pandemic.

“We should be empowering the women and girls in our community to live fully and inclusively to their full potential, so I invite anyone who’d like to join us at the flower park to come and say hello if they’d like to discuss issues that affect women and children in Shetland.”

Stronach said that perpetrators often repeat patterns of abuse, “so we want women in Shetland to know that corroboration is often key to a successful conviction and so helps protect other people”.

It is possible to pick up patterns of behaviour when the service have knowledge of what is, or has, been going on, she added.

“Domestic abuse is the leading cause of women’s homelessness and the reason for children to be on the child protection register,” Stronach continued.

“This means sustainable funding and access to specialist support for survivors of domestic abuse and gender-based violence is important for the safety and recovery of the women and children who are victims.

“At Shetland Women’s Aid we continue to support women and children. If you have something to disclose, talk about, or if you just need to unpick a situation with someone in confidence then we are here for you, get in touch.”

People can phone Shetland Women’s Aid on 01595 692070, email office@shetlandwa.org or contact the team through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.