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Police / Police return prescribed cannabis to its owner

A PRESCRIPTION of medicinal cannabis has been returned to its rightful owner after it was intercepted by police officers at the Royal Mail sorting office in Lerwick two weeks ago.

The medication belonging to local man Liam Lewis was confiscated by police. At the time officers said Lewis was unable to provide satisfactory evidence that the medication had been legally prescribed.

Liam Lewis: ‘A whole load of stress that could easily have been sorted’. Photo: Chris Cope/Shetland News

He was threatened with being charged with possession of a controlled drug and felt he had no choice but to accept receiving a recorded police warning.

Twenty eight year old Lewis was prescribed the medication which contains legal cannabis to manage the chronic migraine he is suffering from.

On Thursday, Shetland’s new area commander Stuart Clemenson confirmed that the medication had been returned.

The issue was raised by southend councillor Allison Duncan at a meeting of Shetland’s community safety and resilience board which is attended by the police.

Chief inspector Clemenson reiterated that relevant paperwork was not provided at the time, hence the police action.

But after “due diligence” and when the matter was fully investigated the paperwork was produced and the medication was later returned, he said.

Lewis said on Thursday: “It was a whole load of stress that could easily have been sorted. But time was apparently of the essence.

“I’ve relapsed migraine wise but am getting back to better health.

“A blip, which was unfortunate but at least it was resolved within a reasonable amount of time. I can’t fault the police; just the politics behind policing.”

He will have to appeal the police warning.