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Letters / Entitled to share my personal views

In answer to Andrew Emmerson’s letter on ‘Being honest and declaring your political allegiance’(Shetland News, 23 February 2021), he accuses me of being a “regular commentator” when in fact this was my first letter to Shetland News.
I did not accuse Beatrice [Wishart] of lying. I said her campaign was not the positive one we had been promised and that her campaign bent the truth by using a sensationalised figure to attack Shetland mental health’s performance during a pandemic.

I’m curious that Mr Emmerson is demanding that letter writers must now declare their party-political allegiance. It’s not something I’ve noticed other writers doing. Why pick on me?

I feel it’s especially odd that he’s so aggrieved about my letter when Tavish [Scott] and Beatrice obfuscated their party ties for years while they were Shetland Island councillors.

Surely councillors who are elected to represent us, should be more transparent about their political beliefs.

The truth is, I’m a private citizen, not electoral candidate. I do not represent the SNP or speak for them. I am entitled to share my personal opinions, as myself, and so is everyone else.

Ian Johnstone