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Letters / Under the SNP Scotland has gone backwards
Politics / Parties clash over who secured fair ferry funding
Transport / SNP candidate urges HIAL to think about remote working
Letters / Entitled to share my personal views
Letters / Be honest and declare your political allegiance
Politics / SNP candidate lobbies own party to ensure level playing field for spaceports
Viking Energy - Viking Wind Farm and the Shetland HVDC Transmission Link
Updated Ferry funding deal a ‘team’ effort, SNP councillor saysRobbie McGregor adds that a ‘long-term’ solution needs to be in place for capital funding
Letters / Time to step up to the plate
Letters / Bureaucratic chaos rather than a ‘sea of opportunity’
Coronavirus / SNP candidate sympathises with local hospitality businesses affected by restrictionsTom Wills says he is ‘totally open’ to idea of localised restrictions but thinks ‘we need to err on the side of caution’
Coronavirus / SNP candidate Wills calls for MP to resign over Covid-19 breachFerrier travelled on a train from London to Glasgow after testing positive
Politics / Wills confirmed as SNP candidate in Scottish Parliament election
Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021
Letters / Extraordinary times
Letters / Hope over fear
Letters / ‘Taking charge of our own country’A letter to the Liberal Democrats.
Election / Lib Dems hold Orkney and Shetland seat with reduced majority
Election letters 2019 / Blaming civil servants will not wash
Election / Candidates enter last week of election campaigning
Election letters 2019 / Time for change
Election letters 2019 / Time to decide
Election letters 2019 / Slightly less Tory than the Tories
Election letters 2019 / Clear on nuclear
Election letters 2019 / Uncomfortable with the company he keeps
Election / Candidates meet at Mareel for BBC hustings
Election letters 2019 / Are our pensions under threat?
Election letters 2019 / The democratic deficit
Election letters 2019 / Choosing our own future
Election / Candidates appalled by latest foodbank use figures
Election letters 2019 / British in the same way that Scandinavians are Scandinavian
Election letters 2019 / Spare a thought for the canvassers
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