Election letters 2019 / Uncomfortable with the company he keeps

If Tom Wills doesn’t want people to see him as a nationalist, he shouldn’t have joined a nationalist party (Choosing your own future; Shetland News, 29 November 2019). He may feel uncomfortable having the word in the title, but it is there for a reason. If he had asked any of the dozens of flag wavers who inundated Shetland in August to support his candidacy, I am sure that they would have told him.


His assertion that he is not a nationalist but is an internationalist serves merely to show how uncomfortable he is with the company that he keeps. He may not want a hard border between Scotland and England (though Nicola Sturgeon apparently does now). If he really wants to avoid that, then he needs to find himself a new political home.

Tom also needs to stop pretending that our sovereignty is something both so precious that it absolutely cannot be shared with three other countries in the UK, but absolutely must be shared with 27 other countries in the EU.

For a nationalist anything is justifiable if it allows you to take back all control to your nation state. In reality, you can be a nationalist or an internationalist, but you can’t be both. Tom has to decide which it is going to be.

Alistair Christie-Henry