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Letters / Extraordinary times

The Lib Dems like to snipe at the Scottish Government but they need to accept that they’re part of the Scottish Parliament and that they’re meant to be fighting for us while they’re there. Instead they refuse to negotiate on the annual budget.

Surely things would be better for us if they did what they’re being paid to do, instead of scoring political points. Who are they trying to impress by not negotiating for us?

How many more years will they permit others to decide the budget for them, and then have the cheek to complain about it afterwards?

The Lib Dems fought against Brexit and failed. Now they’ve given up on re-joining the EU. The SNP haven’t.

Apart from ‘stopping the SNP’ what policies do they have?

Far from being the progressive party that they used to be, the Lib Dems have become a party fighting to preserve the status quo at the exact moment when unstoppable momentous change is happening all around us.

These are extraordinary times and we need politicians that get results.

Are the Lib Dems, a declining party with so few MSPs at Holyrood, effective for Shetland? Or are they, like their latest leaflet, saying nothing new.

Angela Sutherland