Election letters 2019 / The democratic deficit

Let’s take a step back and escape from the election hullabaloo for a minute and look at what unites us all when it comes to voting.

In Scotland the Tories poll around the 25 per cent mark and in Orkney and Shetland this goes down to less than 10 per cent. It would seem therefore that three quarters of the electorate in Scotland and nine out of ten voters in Orkney and Shetland want to see a progressive left of centre government.


When you look at the detail of policies on the economy, health, housing etc you could argue that the Lib Dems, Labour and the SNP are very similar in outlook, apart from major constitutional issues.

It is a stark reality then that we will, in all probability (if the polls are to be believed), wake up on 13 December 13 to a new Tory government lead by Boris Johnson. We will be ruled by the most right-wing government in all of our lifetimes.


This democratic deficit is untenable. Just imagine we were able to have the government we all want. A progressive society where we care for our young and elderly, with decent public services but where businesses can thrive. It is possible. We just have to look across the water at our neighbours in Scandinavia.

Voters in the rest of the UK south of the border do not want this. Labour heartlands are now voting Tory. Unthinkable in Scotland. They want an inward-looking type of nationalism that we do not.

It has become evident that there is only one way to achieve a truly progressive internationalist society in Scotland and this is through independence.

More and more people are beginning to realise this and voting SNP on 12 December is the first step we can take to achieving a fairer society for all.

Iain Malcolmson
South Nesting