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Letters / Democratic deficit

The ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal that the Tories negotiated on our behalf, and that’s currently crippling multiple export industries, is about to get even worse.

In April new rules on imports from the EU will come into play and if these follow the export rules trajectory, there is likely to be food shortages and higher prices for EU goods by May.

Out of a combined total of 66.8m citizens for the UK and NI, one country has 56.29 million and the rest 10.51 million together.

Scotland roundly rejected Brexit but the democratic deficit meant that no matter how we voted, the largest country would decide.

It did not matter that we really, really didn’t want Brexit. It did not matter that we threatened to leave if they pressed ahead. Westminster didn’t even allow us at the Brexit negotiating table. They ignored us completely and did it to us anyway.

A recent poll in England showed that despite the high level of deaths from Covid-19, despite Boris’s bungling, miss management, outright lies to fishermen and PPE cronyism, if there was an election tomorrow the Tories would get a majority in Westminster.

We are probably looking at another nine years of Tory austerity.

There are only 5.46 million of us; we can’t fix Westminster. It’s crazy to continue to carry on repeating the same exercise expecting different results.

The only way to fix this problem is to become a self-governing country.

Sarah Stove