Community / Halloween 2020: readers share their best photos

Photo: Mandie Fulbirg

HALLOWEEN without guising might not be the same fun but it certainly hasn’t dampened the spooky spirits as can be seen by the many photos and videos our readers have sent in.

Many thanks for doing so; they were all brilliant.

However, there are far too many to share them all here on this page. So we decided to publish a selection on our website while all submissions can be found on our Facebook page at http://shet.news/oqi7m

Decorating the house, carving pumpkins, Halloween themed food and dressing up. A selection of photos sent in by Jaclyn Ann Thomson


Photo: Nicola Bowie


Neepie Lantern by Shona Laurenson


Bruce McCulloch sent in this short video of da Witch o Watsness.

Kaylee Marie Garrick got her dogs involved in the fun

Knitted pumpkins by Ingrid Johnson.


Halloween at the Brae Co-op start. Photo: Carolyn Mckay