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Letters / Patrolling the Kergord road

It looks like RJ McLeod also have a contract to patrol the public roads at the Sandwater area, in addition to their trashing the landscape contract.

I sometimes walk along the B9075 Sandwater to Kergord road in the evenings with a neighbour of mine.

We were out walking the past Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Each of those nights at about 8pm an RJ McCleod pick-up would pull out of the Sandy quarry where they have their site office and drive down the B9075 road.

The driver than switched on the vehicle’s roof mount orange flashing lights before he drove past us, then turned somewhere (not sure where) and came back and drove passed us again with the orange flashing lights switched on.

It seemed if they were trying to make their presence known, or even trying to intimidate us.

Maybe someone at the SIC should tell their RJM chums that the B9075 is a public road, which people have every right to walk along, without being intimidated or harassed.

David A Leask