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Letters / Sovereign Nation of Shetland is taking action

The Sovereign Nation of Shetland exists to bring together the sovereign people of Shetland in order to protect their rights and to protect Shetland from those who see these islands simply as a resource to plunder.

By the definition of The Laws of Scotland, sovereignty is the ownership of allodial (udal) title. That means that everyone in Shetland who owns their house or land is sovereign in their own right.

Shetlanders are unique in that respect, but it is inconvenient for the authorities. It means that Shetlanders have the final say in whatever happens in Shetland – not the SIC, not the Scottish or UK governments, or even the Crown.

The Viking Energy gravy train is promoted by outside companies, supported by planners both inside and outside Shetland and ministers of the Scottish parliament. They have offered a contract with the people of Shetland to build the Viking wind farm. That offer has been accepted by anyone who has not formally objected. No amount of discussion, complaint, marches or petitions will change that.

However, The Sovereign Nation of Shetland has taken action. For the project to go ahead, those involved must have the authority to proceed. Using a legal procedure outside the courts which puts those involved under a personal liability, The Sovereign Nation of Shetland has provisionally accepted the offer.

The main provision is that the planners, developers and anyone else involved with the project shows proof that Shetland is part of Scotland – something not even the Supreme Court has been able to do. Without that proof, none of those involved has the authority to act here.

It is not too late to stop this project, but we urgently need more people to get behind it. You can declare your sovereignty at the Sovereign Shetland website.

Full details are at www.sovereignshetland.com

Stuart Hill