Emergency services / Lifeboat and fishing vessel assist Sedulous in trouble

The 26-metre Sedulous aground near the entrance to Scalloway harbour. Photos: Chris Brown

AITH lifeboat was called out in the early hours of Saturday morning to go to the assistance of a Lerwick registered whitefish trawler with five crew on board that had run aground on a shingle beach near the entrance to Scalloway harbour.

Shetland Coastguard was alerted at just before half past three after the skipper of the 26-metre Sedulous had asked for help.


The Sedulous was eventually towed off by the whitefish boat Radiant Star on the rising tide and managed to get alongside Scalloway harbour under her own steam by 6.30am.

Aith lifeboat stood by as a precaution and in case they were needed but the Sedulous was undamaged according to Shetland Coastguard.

Aith lifeboat coxswain John Robertson said: “Life-threatening incidents can happen at sea at any time. So it’s important that you call for help when something goes wrong.

“I’d like to thank the crew of the Radiant Star’ for their safe and essential assistance this morning. Their quick, competent response was an important part of getting Sedulous and her crew back to safety.”

… and afloat again.