Election letters 2019 / MP? No Thanx!

As Orkney and Shetland voters prepare to elect an MP, people should think twice.

Our present MP has cost the constituency getting on for THREE billion pounds during his time in office.

Shetland figures show a balance of £76 million per year left in the UK Treasury after the tax/grant/subsidy merry go round.

That figure will be similar for Orkney, an average of £7,600 per household – money that would be better left in our pockets and our economy.

It’s obscene that our councils are looking to make cuts to services, while our MP can (or will) do nothing about it.

We are encouraging people to vote for Shetland (and Orkney) by writing NO THANX across their ballot papers.

All spoiled papers are counted. Even though we believe the election to be illegal here, we can’t stop it, but a strong protest vote will help to secure change.

Stuart Hill