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Letters / Waste of a stamp? (Mossy Hill wind farm)

I would like to congratulate councillors Manson and Smith in their vain attempt to highlight the plight of the residents who will be adversely affected by the Mossy Hill wind farm (Mossy Hill wind farm plans approved by councillors; SN, 15/04/2019).

In the past it has been extremely rare for anyone living within the proposed wind farms in Shetland to be even worth a mention while councillors and planners continued on their jolly way blatantly brown nosing the wind industry.

I also see that the massive ‘track’ to North Kergord was passed with no dissent (Upper Kergord access track gets green light; SN, 16/04/2019).

Therefore it would appear that any future objection to anything involving Viking Energy such as the planning application for the double track Sandwater to the Weisdale burn road or the huge proposed ‘camp’ will just be a waste of a stamp.

At least I have learned one lesson – in future if any prospective candidate for the council arrives at my door looking for my vote I will certainly tell them where to go.

It would appear that integrity and honesty is sadly not very high on their list.

Donnie Morrison