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Worst windy weather in 20 years, says Wheeler
Unions set to strike after rejecting Petrofac deal
SIC must sort out traffic light woes, says convener
First freight delivery expected after disruption
Youth clubs face funding crisis
Features / Chloe joins established names at festival
Petrofac talks
Town centre could get 20mph speed limit
New flats go ahead
Runway problems put paid to Papa Stour flights
NHS working to make hospital ward cleaner
Ferry breakdown
‘Ultimate musical ambassador’ dies suddenly
Letters / No campaign hypocrisy
Fresh protest against high delivery charges
Hjaltland hoping to build 12 new town flats
Union row could halt work on gas plant
Blank screen
Carmichael could quit Westminster in 2020
Isles musicians put on capital Hogmanay show
Disturbance at hospital
Bail for teenager over raft of 999 nuisance calls
Police appeal over Christmas theft and vandalism
‘Biodoodle’ this Christmas
‘People come to me who haven’t eaten for two or three days’
Features / Arthur’s year of radio hits
Features / Westside couple keep seeing double
NHS vows to act on Lerwick’s health centre woes
Viking Bus Station sale nearing completion
Scottish Independence Debate / Isles to demand more say over North Boats
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