Letters / Unclear on nuclear

With Wir Shetland chairman John Tulloch telling his members to boycott public meetings the only opportunity to ask them a question is via the internet.

The opportunity was made available in the comments section following Shetland News’ article on Amanda Westlake quitting Wir Shetland and I asked Mr Tulloch if he supported the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons.


Ardent Wir Shetland supporter Ian Tinkler answered the question informing me: “They are missiles…..Nato, Salmond, Sturgeon” etc.

I tried again, same question and Mr Tulloch replied: “Nothing to do with Shetland”.

In my reply I queried this: “Trident has nothing to do with Shetland? Westminster spends £167bn on Trident which leaves less money for Scotland’s block grant which leaves less for Shetland.”

Tinkler then takes over the debate again: “Trident has nothing to do with Shetland? Idiot Douglas Young…”

The words were John Tulloch’s and Ian Tinkler just called him an idiot.

To clarify, the other half of the Liberal Democrat/Wir Shetland coalition, Tavish Scott, supports the renewal of nuclear weapons.


Douglas Young