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Letters / Add the Hamnavoe to the Shetland ferry service

As of 17 June, for all of July only two sailings with a bunk and car space combined are available from Lerwick to Aberdeen.

Mr NorthLink says book ahead, but this only seems to be necessary on the Shetland service.

People advised to book in advance as NorthLink boss responds to letter on capacity

For the same period there are 82 sailings with available car spaces on the Stromness to Scrabster run and another possible 90 on the Gills Bay service.

If they put the Hamnavoe on the Lerwick – Kirkwall or Lerwick – Aberdeen run it might ease the situation.

The Pentalina could be added to the Gills Bay route (which gets no subsidy) keeping Orkney travellers with their six returns a day.

Alternatively, we can wait till 2024 when the windmills are up. Then, according to Unsustainable Shetland, tourists won’t come anymore, so there should be plenty of bunks then.

Bob Spanswick