Election 2022 / Martin Randall

Shetland Central

Name: Martin Randall Electoral Ward: Shetland Central Description: Scottish Green Party

Martin Randall

I moved to Shetland in 2018 after nearly 40 years living and working in Liverpool – as an Episcopal minister and then as a non-operational manager in the Prison Service. Now in retirement I’ve tried to give something back – as Hall Committee member and Community Councillor as well as an Honorary Assistant Priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church. I’m the current Chair of Shetland Probus Club and sing with the Shetland Community Choir.

As a Councillor I would be working for the whole of Shetland, but with a priority concern for issues affecting Central Ward.

The fishing community has a significant place in the life and economy of Shetland Central. I intend to sign the FISH Pledge as my expression of support.But I would go further and press for stricter and consistent enforcement of regulations and the outlawing of damaging and unsustainable practices such as gill netting. The UHI in Scalloway has a crucial role in rigorous research leading to long-term sustainability and harm-reduction for fishing and aquaculture.

I would support and encourage local enterprise and initiative. A general rule should be that decisions ought to be taken as close as possible to those affected. The Scalloway CDC is a great example of a locally led initiative which is then supported by SIC. There are similar schemes planned and I will vigorously support these, encouraging our local communities to lead in the development of their own areas.

I will work to do more to ensure that people are able to travel throughout Shetland without needing to own a car. This means a bus service that is more flexible and a car-sharing scheme.

A major barrier to more active travel is safety. We have high-quality, fast roads in many parts of Central but no provision for safe walking and cycling. I will work for safe walking and cycling routes that are not tied to large-scale and costly road upgrades.

As an island community Shetland will always be vulnerable. I will work for more resilience. This might be through growing more food for local consumption – making it possible for farmers and crofters to diversify as well as facilitating local growing schemes. Or it may be by promoting local, small-scale energy schemes, reducing dependence on the energy market place.

As a Councillor I commit to being approachable and accessible, listening to local concerns and working with groups and individuals who are themselves looking to respond to local needs.

Shetland Greens full manifesto can be viewed here: shorturl.at/eDELP

Contact Information

Email: martin@higreens.org
Mobile: 07717 845518


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