Election 2022 / Mark Robinson

Shetland West

Name: Mark Robinson Electoral Ward: Shetland West Description: Independent

Mark Robinson

I was born in 1972 and grew up in Weisdale, the younger son of Barbara and Melvyn. My education was at Whiteness Primary School, the Anderson High School and Shetland College.
I live in Whiteness with my wife Helen and two of our three sons. Our eldest is now married and also lives locally.
In 2004 Helen and I took over Robinson & Morrison, the family business started by my Grandad and David Morrison back in 1930. Much of my time over the last two years has been spent providing a home delivery service to those shielding or having to isolate. This has taken me all over central and west Shetland and given me a good insight into what needs doing and what needs to be supported.

If I am elected you are guaranteed a truly independent voice in the Council Chamber. I firmly believe that Party Politics do not have any place in Local Government. I will be an un-biased and un-yielding representative for the residents of the Shetland West ward.

For more than a generation Shetland has seen great improvements in its infrastructure. Sadly the West has not seen much of this investment. The road network is in a shameful state of repair, promised improvements are constantly being pushed down the list in favour of other projects. Existing social housing is inadequate and in need of upgrading. Very little new housing has been built in the last 40 years meaning that young families are being forced out of the area. With improvements to the roads and affordable housing the West will benefit from an economic boost.

Education is another important matter. Any parent will tell you that they want the best for their children. I am no different, I recognise that putting schools under the treat of closure puts huge strain on every family affected as well as the school staff and, indirectly, businesses in the area who rely on parents who live locally and work during the school day. Whilst change is inevitable, I do not think that closing schools is beneficial to rural communities.

With social care under threat from the ever creeping grasp of the Holyrood administration Shetland must stand up and refuse to allow the centralisation of our care services. There are undoubtedly improvements that can be made to the services but this can be managed and implemented much better at a local level and not by the forced adoption of a one size fits all national care service.

These are a few of the issues which I am aware of, there are bound to be many more which you feel merit further discussion. If you’d like to speak to me about these matters or any others I’d love to hear from you, my contact details are as follows:

Contact Information

Find me on FaceBook @Mark Robinson for Shetland West
Home phone: 01595 830220
Mobile Phone: 07810 518530
Email: mark_robinson1@me.com
By Letter: Stroma, Olligarth, Whiteness, Shetland, ZE2 9GJ


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