Election 2022 / Liz Boxwell

Shetland West

Name: Liz Boxwell Electoral Ward: Shetland West Description: Independent

Liz Boxwell

Hello, I’m Liz Boxwell, and I have lived on the West side for about seven years now, firstly in Aith, and now with my partner in Reawick.

I was born in Shetland and brought up on my parent’s croft in Delting. My Mother and late Father were always very involved in the community, and so from a young age I was aware of the importance of people working together, and communities helping each other.

During my working life I have been employed in different areas such as retail and hospitality, before gaining a management qualification and starting up my own Childcare Nursery. I currently work supporting people to gain qualifications through Apprenticeships.

In past roles, I have always wanted to contribute to the community, and I feel that by working together folk are able to strengthen and improve the community.

I have been involved in many voluntary groups over the years, such as Aith Hall, RNLI Aith, Dogs Against Drugs, and West side sheepdog trials. I have always been happy to give time, and work hard, to do my bit.

I feel that to ensure the West side communities continue to thrive and grow, we need to work towards improving infrastructure such as roads, housing and broadband, so that young folk remain in the area, and new families are encouraged to move in.

We need to continue to focus on education, schools are so important, and my time spent working with bairns and young folk, has only reinforced this. There needs to be more ways for children to learn, and continued support for practical learning.

The current cost of living is rising, and we need to do all we can so that those who are struggling to pay for heating and food, are given help to get them through these difficult times. I would like to see further aid available for folk to make houses more energy efficient, and support for those on low incomes.

Social care has come under great pressure recently with the pandemic, and we need to do as much as possible to recruit and retain staff for this sector, so that the future care for constituents, whether in their own homes, or in local care centres, continues to be of a high standard, and is based around what is best for the individual.

I would also like to see business development on the West side, as this will bring jobs into the area. Park Hall could be an exciting venture, for the future of the West side.

Finally, I would say that I am a practical person, who has been known to be blunt. I am not afraid to ask questions, and I like things to be done to a high standard.

As a councillor I would see my main role as listening to the constituents in the community and taking forward their issues and ideas. If elected, I would do my best and work hard to represent the West side communities.

Contact Information

Email: lizboxwell@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile: 07789 728874
Tel: 01595 860 274


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