Election 2022 / John Leask

Shetland West

Name: John Robert Leask Electoral Ward: Shetland West Description: Independent

John Leask

Hello, my name is John Leask and I am proud to stand as a candidate for the Westside in the upcoming local elections. I was born in Shetland and have lived in Aith off and on for over thirty years. Even when my work took me overseas I always considered this to be home, and I came home whenever possible. I have a keen interest in Shetland’s traditional industries through family connections, and am keen to protect them and help them grow during a difficult period. I feel that the pandemic has masked the full effects of Brexit, and difficult times are ahead for crofting and fishing. The SIC, through direct intervention and negotiating with Scottish and British governments, can have a positive impact on this.

I am standing as an independent as I feel that national party politics can sometimes get in the way of what is best for a community. Some of the parties have some good policies, but I don’t think their combined manifestos are the best solution for Shetland. If elected, I will be beholden to nobody but my constituents.

I started my career in the Sullom Voe Terminal and have been involved in the oil and gas industry for most of my life. I feel that the experiences I have gained through working in many places and with various groups of people will be of benefit in working with stakeholder groups, and in negotiating with large companies or lobbying at Scottish Government level.

I have felt for some years that I would like to be involved in supporting Shetland’s future but it is only now that I am working from home that I am in a position to offer my services.

Education – I went to school at a time when Shetland’s examination pass rates were ranked in the top few percent in Scotland. This has not been the case in recent years and, with the falling literacy and numeracy being reported in primary schools, it does not seem likely to improve without some changes. I would like to be involved in helping to reverse this trend.

Fuel Poverty – I think the West Side is affected more by this issue than most areas in Shetland, due to older housing stock and lack of alternatives. I would push for more money to be made available for heat pumps, insulation etc. The new national government initiative on this matter seems very limited in scope and budget so it may require support from the SIC

Adult Social Care – The new National programme for this could benefit many in the community, including informal carers and the recipients of social care, but we need to ensure that our existing system is strengthened rather than being replaced.

If elected I can assure all residents of the West Side that I will give my best efforts to make sure they are well represented in the council and its committees. I will not make any grandiose claims for instant change or improvement, as I know this is not possible. It will take sustained effort over time to improve our situation.

Contact Information

Phone: 07552017667
Email: leask_john@yahoo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JohnLeask4SW


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