Letters / Making a comeback

With the imminent return of Fraggle Rock to our screens [on Apple TV], shouldn’t we just embrace what makes Shetland unique?

I moved here for a quieter life away from the cosmopolitan elite doon sooth with their lardy da middle class ways.

I’m impressed when I see that my room temperature is 16 degrees in winter. Northerly winds drag it even lower. Yes, broadband can be slow in the northern isles but not with a 4G router.

The fishing industry will be affected by offshore wind farms but surely fish can swim somewhere else to be caught. I wouldn’t have thought that all the fish are going to pack up and move to France or Norway.

Evolution, by definition, is constantly changing.
Problems arise and solutions are found. The original Fraggles met their demise when their sub-terranean habitat was polluted by humans but they are making a comeback.


Ian Simmins