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Letters / Will we see roads improvements?

Now that the proposed Sandwick Co-op has been given the green light, can we safely assume that all the single-track roads through will be greatly improved to cope with the increased traffic.

I would think the access, (especially coming in from the south), will cause some difficulty, due to the existing houses and their close proximity to the road.

The road coming in from the north is single track initially, and this is the access road that I believe sees the most traffic. Most drivers are quite happy to give way, but there is always the odd one who for one reason or another doesn’t have time for that.

The increased traffic will be evident from early morning till ten o’clock at night, and any bottleneck here will be difficult for those with a short fuse.

Brae Co-op is often mentioned here in defence of the plan, but it should be remembered that, unlike Brae, Sandwick doesn’t have a major through road to cope with the traffic.

I’m sure the roads department has been fully briefed on the whole project, and road widening plans are already well advanced after consultations with homeowners and landowners involved.

Some houseowners near the roadside will, I’m sure, have some safety concerns regarding the increased traffic, and these will be considered as the process goes forward.


John Laurenson