Energy / No special treatment for Viking shipments

Both companies deny that a special arrangement for cargo exists. Photo: Shetland News

THE COMPANY behind Viking Energy wind farm and ferry operator Serco NorthLink have both moved to quash stubborn local rumours suggesting that SSE Renewables bought a percentage of freight capacity on board the lifeline ferries thereby creating a bottleneck for other cargo reaching Shetland.

Responding to a query from Shetland News, a spokesperson for NorthLink said the company had “no arrangement with SSE/Viking Energy”.

It is understood that the government franchise for the lifeline ferry service would also preclude any such arrangement.

A spokesperson for SSE Renewables meanwhile also confirmed that no such agreement existed, and shipments for the wind farm were not given priority.

“Bulk shipments to the wind farm arrive on specially chartered vessels,” the company added.

SSE Transmission, the company that is building the subsea cable which will link Shetland to the national grid, also said it was not getting any priority treatment with NorthLink and have had many instances of their shipments being delayed due to NorthLink prioritising lifeline supplies.