Highlands & Islands Lead Candidates / Moira Ramage


Moira Ramage.

I am Moira Ramage. I have been a lawyer for over 25 years and over 20 of those as a procurator fiscal. I am standing in the Highland s and Islands as the lead list candidate for All4Unity in the May election.

I love my country but I am very concerned of what it has become during 14 years of SNP rule. I would be proud to stand for the people of the Highlands and Islands and be a strong voice for them in the Scottish Parliament.

Our aim is to Save Our Scotland from the disastrous consequences of breaking from the Union.

For too long communities in the Highlands and Islands have not been listened to, marginalised or ignored. Too much focus is being placed in the central belt which has different concerns from those living in rural communities.

All4Unity candidates have been chosen carefully to deliver the best representation of the Scottish people possible. They include doctors, business people, teachers, farmers, lawyers, ex-servicemen, and others with plenty experience in fishing, farming, transport, manufacturing, food processing, and IT.

All4Unity want to give rural business a seat at the table in government and to provide them with the statutory right to be consulted in legislation to avoid unintended adverse consequences that can occur when legislation, influenced by interest groups, about our environment is passed with no input from the gamekeepers, fishermen or farmers who have worked on land and sea for generations.

All4Unity want to encourage the building of low cost starter homes and decentralise our health system bringing back much needed services like midwifery led units closer to the community.

We have the knowledge and know how to achieve these vitally important measures for the people of the Highlands and Islands.


Growing the economy

All4Unity want to attract crucial investment to Scotland by ending the government’s obsession with a ‘Neverendum’. Investment means jobs, jobs mean a future for our children and grandchildren; workers need houses; families need schools; everyone needs a fully functioning and easily accessible healthcare network. Economic uncertainty prevents this from happening.

Right to be heard

All4Unity supports the formation of a Statutory Policy Forum comprising the representatives of rural workers in farming, land management, forestry and the fishing industry, giving them a say in proposed legislation which affects them.


Scotland’s agricultural land is one of its greatest assets. We must preserve the rich land which has been hard won by generations and not allow it to be lost due to lack of investment.
All4Unity want to create an environment that will encourage and attract our younger generations to cultivate the land and contribute to Scotland becoming self-sufficient in food production.
We will take action against cartels and provide much needed subsidies and appoint a groceries adjudicator to oversee the supply chain and ensure a level playing field.


With the return to British sovereignty of our fishing waters, there should be a credible plan to support the redevelopment of the fishing industry. This in turn will support the regeneration of boatyards, marine engineers and refrigerated transport.


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