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Arts / From grindcore to indie as local bands picked for arts project

Sheer are among the bands picked.

FIVE local contemporary bands have been commissioned to produce a short live performance film and accompanying EP which will be released online as part of Shetland Arts’ Refresh Now programme.


The five acts cover a wide range of genres, with noisetastic grindcore duo Grimlok perhaps at the most extreme side of the spectrum.

They feature bassist/vocalist Matthew Robertson and drummer Rory Dalziel, and the duo revel in short, sharp blasts of furious speed – with some groove infused breakdowns chucked in for good measure.

Also representing the heavier side of Shetland’s music scene are metal stalwarts Ten Tonne Dozer, who regularly tour in the UK and Europe.

They feature frontman Dave Kok, guitarists Jamie Duncan and Jamie Dalziel, drummer Keith Neill and bassist Barrie Scobie.

Also picked for the Shetland Arts commission is the Peter Alec Trio, who feature Peter Alec Kay (guitar/vocals), Steven Anderson (bass/vocals) and Douglas Stevenson (percussion).

The trio play songs moulded over a few years of jamming sessions, with their influences ranging from from R&B/neo-soul/funk/rock to more traditional styles such as folk and Shetland fiddle.

Sheer, meanwhile, straddle grunge and alternative rock influences.

The Stoals.

They feature Josh Smith (vocals), Brydon Sales (guitar), Ewan Moncrieff (drums) and Scott Priest (bass).

Completing the five acts are indie rock outfit The Stoals. Their core features Scott Tomlinson (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tom Smith (bass) and Callum Anderson (lead guitar).

Forgotten Sons sticksman John Gair is currently filling in on drums.

Shetland Arts said the recordings will be made in March, with all activities in line with relevant Covid guidance.