Community / Old carrier bags bring back memories

A DISCOVERY of old local shopping bags has been catching the nostalgic interest of hundreds of folk on social media.

Brenda Laurenson, from Quarff, came across the carrier bags recently when sorting through items belonging to her late father.

They included bags from old shops and businesses like Lerwick’s The Bread Basket and fish shop J&M Fraser. Pictures can be viewed below.

Brenda decided to upload them to the Shared Shetland Memories Facebook group, with hundreds of people showing an interest.

“My dad died a couple of years ago and I’ve been clearing up his stuff,” she explained.

“I just came across them in some of his boxes. There was stuff in them, like papers or photos.

“I just thought, I mind these bags, from maybe 40 years ago, so I thought I’d stick them on that Shared Memories group. I’m amazed at how many likes they’ve got.”

Brenda, who used to work in the archives, said she would be happy to pass them onto the museum if they were keen.

“If they want them, they’re welcome to them, because they’re no much use to me,” she said.

Brenda added that her dad “kept everything very carefully” – including every single i’i magazine and the entire collection of Shetland Life.

In other plastic carrier bag news, single-use bags of today are set to rise in price from 5p to 10p in Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament will be asked to approve the increase, which is due to take place from 1 April.

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021