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Marine / New Altaire set to be delivered in spring 2023

An early design image of the new Altaire. Image: Karstensens Shipyard.

A BRAND new 80-metre Altaire is set to be delivered in May 2023 after the fishing partnership ordered a new pelagic trawler from the Danish shipyard Karstensens Skibsværft.

Skipper Chris Duncan said the current Altaire, which is based at the Collafirth pier, was built in 2004 and would be almost 20 years old when the new vessel is ready.

He said the partnership had a long-standing relationship with Karstensens and it was the logical next step to order the new vessel from the Skagen based shipyard.

A number of other recent Shetland pelagic new-builds, such as the Charisma and the Serene, have also been built by Karstensens.

The yard said the new design would focus on crew wellbeing, low emissions and catch quality, enabling the Altaire to land first class quality pelagic fish.

The new trawler will be built to the shipyard’s own design and it will be finalised in co-operation with the owners.

At 79.95 metres in length and a beam of 16.60 metres, Altaire will be powered by a Wärtsilä 12V31 main engine driving a two-speed gearbox and a 4200mm propeller.

Duncan said: “Karstensens have done all the maintenance on the current vessel, the dry docking and so on; so being very familiar with their product we felt they were the best option for us to place the order with.

“The current vessel was built in 2004 and has done us well over the last 16 years. We have been speaking about getting a new vessel for quite some time and felt that now the time was right.

“The new vessel will be larger in all respects and that one step further ahead.”

Kent Damgaard of the shipyard said: “Karstensens Shipyard is extremely proud of this new order, which continues long standing working relations with Altaire’s owners.

“Returning and loyal customers is the best stamp any shipyard can get.”

The Altaire is owned by a partnership that includes three local shareholders as well as the Plymouth based fishing agents Interfish.

Duncan said he was unable to reveal the size of the investment but added that the partnership hoped to get a good price for the old vessel once she is put on the market.