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Letters / ‘Invidious position’

I am heartened to see the election of councillor Lyall to the Shetland Windfarm Environmental Advisory Group. (SIC seeks to amend terms of wind farm environmental advisory group, Shetland News, 25 November 2020).

I wish her all the best in the role; she will bring a balanced view to proceedings with a good dash of integrity.

Far more appropriate than her pro Viking Energy temporary predecessor councillor Cooper, who, I imagine, would have dearly liked to retain the role.

Interesting and somewhat amusing to see how he apparently tried to head her off at the pass by expressing concern and caution at the appointment of an elected councillor, placing that individual in an invidious position as he put it.

Interesting because I do not recall Mr Cooper having any such concerns when he held the invidious position of director with Viking Energy while a serving council officer. A directorship which he retained seamlessly when he retired from the council and was subsequently elected as a member for Shetland North.

This seamless transition always puzzled me, if the council deemed it necessary to have a council officer on the board why did this not then pass to another employee upon Mr Cooper’s retirement.

What rules of engagement were in play that meant the position followed him from employee to councillor?

Billy Fox