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Letters / ‘Reticent’ former councillors

Now that the Viking Energy wind farm is going ahead with indecent haste I am surprised that we have not heard anything from the then nine councillors who were all in favour of its construction.

This development has caused a rift within the community causing anger, heartbreak and disbelief while others are now gleeful in their misguided expectations of jobs, ‘green’ energy and untold wealth.

There is division within families and people we once thought of as friends can now no longer be.

Shetland used to be a place where people looked to their neighbour and helped each other out – regrettably this is no more the case as greed and ‘green wash’ has become tantamount.

Some people in the community who are for the development are quite happy to deride the comments of anyone genuinely concerned about their health, the future of Shetland and the environment.

I have said before that these councillors cannot now hide behind a screen of being unaware of what their decision would incur.

They all sat at the planning meeting and heard evidence that I for one gave of the adverse effects of the wind farm industry but decided to ignore it.

SIC faces complaints after backing wind farm

Therefore they agreed to this construction going ahead in the full knowledge of what their actions would entail.

And not one of them is watching the daily destruction of a beautiful part of Shetland.

Quite an achievement from them and just in case anyone has forgotten who they were, here is a reminder;

  • Rick Nickerson – proposer
  • Addie Doull  –  seconder
  • Sandy Cluness  –  Convener
  • Josie Simpson  –  Political Leader
  • The late Gussie Angus
  • Laura Baisley
  • Jim Budge
  • Betty Fullerton
  • Robert Henderson

These are the people who will forever be accountable for allowing the environmental destruction of central Shetland

This is their legacy – so why are they being so reticent now?

Evelyn Morrison

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021