Letters / ‘You cannot have tolerance without being tolerant yourself’

What a spot on letter, Linda (A Shetlander’s Perspective, 19/6/20).

A Shetlander’s perspective

I’m a soothmoother and fully agree with all your comments right down to the very sad gradual demise of the Shetland dialect, in a world dominated by a level of political correctness that’s totally defeated its purpose and is seriously destroying tolerance on all fronts.


Very sad that the SIC over many years didn’t have the Shetland dialect as an important element in the education system, as they trod the path of creeping harmonisation that’s destroyed so much regional culture in Britain and elsewhere. So contrary in many ways to protecting and enhancing Shetland’s wonderful heritage and culture.

As to political correctness, we have reached a point in our sick society that amongst many bad things, allows minority groups to (rightly so) seek acceptance in society and in law but often advocated with utter intolerance to others who don’t share their philosophy, so what we have now in some situations are demands (again rightly so) for tolerance, parity with other socially accepted activities, changes to the law etc but without any tolerance for the folk who may “beg to differ” or whose ethics, religious or otherwise dictate a different path or opinion.

You cannot have or demand tolerance without being tolerant yourself, no matter how wronged you may feel.

Vic Thomas
Soothmoother, ebbtider etc.