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Letters / ‘He may be just the man’

I see Stuart Hill has been airing his knowledge yet again (Letters: Mothballed for nothing; SN, 8 June 2020)

Mothballed for nothing

It seems his expertise on so many varied subjects now stretches to the coronavirus, and the steps required to curtail its spread.

I wonder if the First Minister of Scotland has considered connecting with the self-appointed First Minister of Shetland to plan the way forward.

Considering Captain Calamity’s previous dazzling exploits, he may be just the man to steer us a safe course, utilising his undeniably unique navigational skills.

Stuart Hill is already well known to the emergency services and I’m sure the frontline professionals would have boundless faith in his judgement and leadership.

But then perhaps Nicola Sturgeon has problems enough!

John Laurenson